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1-Click Flashlight
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1-Click Flashlight


Why pay money while you can get 1-Click flashLight for FREE with even more features than paid apps $$$ 1-Click flashLight is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to turn-on your iPhone LED flashLight.

With simple 1-Click on your app icon and your iPhone will become a handy flashlight ☼ Now it's faster than ever.

1-Click flashLight is engineered to turn the flashlight ON  even before the application finish launching disappear!! See it happen it for FREE $$$.

Now with a completely redesigned UI. Build from the ground up to be simpler, faster and more efficient!

Main Features

  • It's the fastest and easy to use. Press on the app icon to turn-on the flashlight. Press home button to quit the app and turn-off the flashlight.
  • It has a nice STROBE effect. The strobe button will be hidden until you tab on the screen and than BOOM the strobe will be activated.
  • Stunning effect with the strobe button ☢
  • Very bright.
  • 100% reliable.
  • Auto-dim of the iPhone screen.
  • Battery meter.
  • Option to automatically turn off the flashlight when battery level is less than 10%.
  • Save previous state when you quit the app.
  • It's Free $$$

Special Features

  • Faster than ever, the flashlight will turn on even before the splash screen disappear!!
  • Support for running your music in the background.
  • Haptic feedback that can be enabled from the iPhone Settings app.
  • Disabling iPhone auto-sleep mode so you can use your flashlight without any interruption.
  • Enhanced Graphics.
  • Dynamic UI.
  • The ability to turn ON/OFF flash from inside the app.
  • Sharing capability: Facebook, Twitter, email & App Store review.

Turn your iPhone to a handy flashlight with 1-Click RIGHT NOW!

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